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Conquering the Last Mile of Sales Productivity

For sellers who are always on the go, working a deal on your phone isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. So how do you maximize sales when you’re constantly juggling information from various systems and sources? We call this hurdle the Last Mile of Sales Productivity, and we help organizations conquer it with an AI-powered digital assistant.

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Stop Struggling


There’s too much friction, too many clicks and too many tedious administrative tasks that steal precious time away from selling. That’s probably why less than 37% of sales people actually use their company’s CRM, according to CSO Insights. It’s time we stop fighting this losing battle and start leveraging a radically easier way of working.

Start Winning


With Yesflow, there’s no more playing catch-up with CRM. No more clunky laptops or clicky forms. Simply speak or text with your digital assistant – or touch a suggested action button – to find information or advance a deal in real-time. Because it’s easy to use, your teams actually want to use it. And the more they use it, the more intelligence you have about your customers and prospects, and that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Why Salespeople Like It

  • Simple and easy information access
  • Sales process guidance on the go
  • Less admin time = more sales time

Why Leadership Likes It

  • Up-to-date information about deals and accounts
  • Sales process guidance for teams
  • Team is focused on selling, not entering data


Articles, Insights and Observations

There’s been an explosion in AI, voice, cloud and other technologies in recent years, and it’s creating tremendous opportunities for forward-thinking enterprises. You’ll find our thoughts about it all right here.

Get the right information – at exactly the right time. Update CRM by speaking, and take your next step from wherever you are – by voice, touch or text. Yesflow makes it easy to get more done by working the way you work.

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