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Yesflow is an AI-powered digital assistant that perfectly complements Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and Microsoft Teams. Get started today for free.

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An Ongoing Conversation With Your Digital Assistant

You use voice and text for everything in your personal life, so why should it be any different with your enterprise information? Meet Yesflow, a Microsoft Dynamics add on that supercharges the way you access and update Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. Yesflow’s groundbreaking user experience provide a messaging-oriented, conversational experience that guides you through every step of your work. Just talk or text with your digital assistant to be productive on any device while working from anywhere.

Be Great With People.

Yesflow allows you to personalize the way you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps so you can build more meaningful relationships and make every customer feel like the best customer.


Know Your Customers.

When you always have the information you need about your customers and prospects at your fingertips, it’s easy to understand their situation, build trust, and stay one step ahead of their needs.


Run Your Deals Like a Pro.

Big things can happen when you get into a perfect rhythm of working your pipeline. Yesflow makes it easy to stay on top of the actions and details that help you move your deals to closure.


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