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Google Again Leads in Voice Assistant IQ Test but Alexa is Closing the Gap According to Loup Ventures


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the smartest assistant of them all? Google continues to dominate in 4 out of 5 categories in this recent survey. It is really interesting that their mobile OS and Local knowledge graph seem to be the key. Our own experience with Google Dialogflow and Android are consistent with their lead in the "smarts" addressed by this Loup survey. For the use cases that we're automating today, in the enterprise Siri and iOS are the most prevalent among corporate end-users. The Yesflow platform takes advantage of Google's superior execution of dialog intent and brings that accuracy to bear in a native solution for iOS users - best of both worlds!

Original Article:

Loup Ventures published its annual Voice Assistant IQ test on Friday and found that once again Google Assistant led over Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. Google Assistant answered 93% of the 800-query test questions correctly compared to 83% for Siri and 80% for Alexa. The test was conducted on smartphones to gauge voice assistant performance on mobile devices and follows a similar study...
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