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google assistant 2.0

Google Assistant 2.0 isn’t just a minor evolution. It’s a game-changing upgrade.


This is the most insightful coverage of Google IO 2019 (early May 2019) as it relates to Google Assistant. Google has broken new ground on the capability of their assistant and it took center stage during Sundar's keynote. That says a lot about the importance of Google Assistant in the scheme of things. The demo was extraordinary. It is absolutely worth taking a few minutes to watch the sections of the keynote where Assistant is highlighted. Google is calling it Assistant 2.0 and claims that one of the breakthroughs driving the vastly enhanced performance was figuring out how to get a 100GB ML cloud model down to 500MB capable of running on a local device. That is impressive and really opens the doors to making a local digital assistant perform at a level that people will use them as their preferred method of interacting with a device.

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Folding devices like the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X represent the next major alteration in phone design, but what about the next, next? What will change the way we interact with our phones, once we’re done folding them in half? Google gave us a teaser during the Google I/O 2019 keynote presentation, as it demonstrated the prowess of Google Assistant when the masses of data it requires to operate 
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