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Microsoft Cortana App Will Shut Down in 2021 and Cortana Skills RIP in a Few Weeks


Interesting perspective on Microsoft Cortana as the company moves to "shut down" Cortana for consumers. We agree with the author's assessment that, despite shutting down the Cortana offering, Microsoft is VERY well-positioned for voice capability in the enterprise. Microsoft AI and their bot capability have become the foundation for many enterprise-grade "specialty" assistants. This is very much in line with what we do with Yesflow - utilize Microsoft tools to deliver specialty assistants for enterprise customers (based on our pre-built, pre-tested, enterprise-grade Yesflow assistant whose foundation is Microsoft tech stack from top to bottom).

Original Article:

Microsoft continued its process of refocusing Cortana as an Office 365 assistant by revealing that the Cortana app will cease to function in early
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