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On CRM: Can Microsoft Teams Or Slack Replace A CRM?


Interesting opinion piece about using Slack or Teams as a CRM. I find the perspective interesting because it is touching on the importance of providing users with simplicity in accessing customer information and broadly sharing customer communications within a company. The author hits the mark when talking about the desire for simplicity that users have in easily accessing and storing customer communications. However, the idea of using a collaboration tool in lieu of a CRM strikes me as bad advice for any company beyond 3 or 4 employees. This is the same type of thinking that was prevalent about 10 years ago when many people were enamored with Sharepoint and tried to turn it into a database tool for tracking customers (i.e., CRM). That kind of thinking eventually ran headlong into the issue of Sharepoint being a de-normalized database (which just gets messy over time), and that is exactly what would happen in trying to use Teams as a replacement for CRM...eventually you just hit a wall in proper scalability of a good customer data model. In my opinion Teams and CRM are extremely complementary and should be deployed in such a way as to take advantage of the strengths of each (and to avoid the issues of trying to make a Teams Channel a storage point for everything related to a customer including the data model for accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, etc.). Microsoft's Power Platform (and the underpinning Common Data Service) provides a robust capability for doing that job elegantly. This is why you see Microsoft rolling out CDS Project Oakdale as the architecture that makes Teams and Power Apps (and CRM) work well together, not as replacements for one another. Our Yesflow Enterprise Digital Assistant takes full advantage of the combined architecture of Dynamics 365 and Teams.

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Just a few years ago, products like Microsoft Teams and Slack barely existed. But today, these applications - and competitors like G Suite and Box - a
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