Bringing Information and People Together

With information coming from so many different systems and sources today, it’s no wonder that many front-line professionals are focused less on following best practices and more on making sure nothing slips through the cracks. The good news is that Yesflow seamlessly and securely connects with your organization’s business tools and back-office solutions so your people can stop ping-ponging between systems and start winning more business.


Securely Integrated with Your Enterprise Systems

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add on, Yesflow instantly connects with Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as the Power Platform. But that is just the starting point for what you can do with your digital assistant. You can also access and update information in Teams, SharePoint and Office 365 – and any data you bring into Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS). Whatever we’re connecting, our focus remains on improving Dynamics 365 mobility and empowering your team to work from anywhere without slowing you down and without compromising security.

Protecting Everything, Including Your Peace of Mind

We understand that your organization has clearly defined security protocols, so we’ll ensure Yesflow operates within them. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we can implement a variety of security features that help keep your organization’s information safe and secure.



how a digital assistant makes work easier


Adaptive Cards

receive targeted and timely information



do more by voice, touch or text



connect your information securely

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