The Enterprise Digital Assistant for Making Work Easier

With Yesflow, you work the way you want to work, and your digital assistant supports you every step of the way, delivering information proactively and guiding you through frictionless, nearly invisible workflows. Here’s how it works:

Get the App

Ready to get the digital assistant that will transform the way you work? Just download the app to get started. With an iOS, Android and Progressive Web App available, you're free to work from anywhere.

Connect in Seconds

Once you're logged in, you'll have the opportunity to connect to your company's Microsoft Dynamics 365 account or Power Apps platform. If you're not ready to connect, you can give it a quick test-drive in a demo environment.

You're Good to Go!

Start talking or texting with your assistant to access your information instantly. When you update a record, it's updated in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Apps platform automagically.


A Smarter Way To Work

With Yesflow, taking quick action is easy, whether it’s by voice, text or touch. Just start a dialogue with your digital assistant or take your next step directly from an adaptive card. It’s all securely connected to your most important information systems and business tools, and it’s all designed to improve productivity and drive best practice process execution, especially while you’re on the go.

Yesflow Productivity Tool for Teams
yesflow White Label

Built by Us, Branded for You

We recognize that your company has its own distinct culture. That’s why we’ll white label Yesflow according to your unique brand. We encourage you to name your digital assistant whatever you want – whatever you think will resonate most with your users – and we’ll make sure your assistant looks, sounds and behaves like an extension of your brand.



how a digital assistant makes work easier


Adaptive Cards

receive targeted and timely information



do more by voice, touch or text



connect your information securely

Start the Conversation

Our leadership team has decades of experience in planning, implementing and supporting successful B2B enterprise solutions. Tell us about your user engagement challenges, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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