The Enterprise Digital Assistant for Making Work Easier

With Yesflow, you work the way you want to work, and your digital assistant guides you every step of the way, delivering information proactively and guiding you through frictionless, nearly invisible workflows. Here’s how it works:

Yesflow delivers targeted and perfectly timed information to your teams to improve productivity and drive best practice process execution.

Your digital assistant is always ready to answer your questions or find the information you need, whether you’re interacting by voice, touch or text.

Yesflow connects to your most important systems and business tools without compromising security or bogging down your IT department.

Yesflow Voice AI

Information Delivered Proactively

Important information “nuggets” are delivered on adaptive cards that perfectly summarize the right information for front-line team members. Based on individual responsibilities and preferences, Yesflow algorithms deliver cards exactly when they are needed, so no one has to hunt for information across the enterprise. Cards are delivered across multiple channels wherever people happen to be working – email, text, in a mobile app or via Slack or Teams – and users can easily request new cards within the same channels using voice or text.


Initiating Frictionless Actions

Taking quick action is easy with Yesflow. Front-line team members can initiate next steps directly from an adaptive card or within the flow of a dialogue with their digital assistant. Yesflow’s digital assistant knows your company’s lexicon, is tuned into your processes and is connected to your systems, so you can have a natural conversation that guides you to the right information quickly and empowers you to get work done easily. Some call this conversational intelligence – we call it uber EASY.

yesflow makes it easy
yesflow White Label
Yesflow White Label Tablet

Built by Us, Branded for You

We recognize that your company has its own distinct culture. That’s why we’ll white label Yesflow according to your unique brand. We encourage you to name your digital assistant whatever you want – whatever you think will resonate most with your users – and we’ll make sure your assistant looks, sounds and behaves like an extension of your brand.



how a digital assistant makes work easier


Adaptive Cards

receive targeted and timely information



do more by voice, touch or text



connect your information securely

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