Taking Productivity to a Whole New Level

By leveraging an AI-powered digital assistant, you can usher in a radically easier way of working that’s natural, effortless and highly productive for sales teams on the go.

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Insurance Video Yesflow Demo
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Get Out of the Chaos


Working a deal from your phone is tough, especially when the information you need is spread across multiple systems and sources. Between backend enterprise systems and everyday communication tools like email and text – not to mention the information scribbled in your notebook or floating around in your head – there’s a never-ending stream of information to manage, juggle and wrangle.  

Get Into the Flow


Yesflow brings all of your important information together and makes it accessible simply by speaking. Need information about policies, claims, loss ratios, deals or other details? Just ask your digital assistant for it, and Yesflow retrieves it instantly. Want to add a note to a customer record on the fly? Talk, touch or text, and it’s done. With Yesflow, it’s easy to get into the flow of getting stuff done, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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Everything Producers Need To Be at Their Best

Yesflow improves sales productivity, whether your model is direct, channel or some combination of the two. Here’s why producers love it:

  • Natural conversational interface
  • Simple and easy information access
  • Less admin time = more sales time
  • Sales process guidance on your smartphone
  • Proactive alerts and notifications
  • On-demand KPIs and metrics

Yesflow unleashes your personal productivity by automating the tasks that slow you down and by delivering just-in-time intelligence that gives you and your teams a competitive advantage.

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