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Custom Notifications via Power Automate
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Commonly Asked Questions

Yesflow is available as a native app in iOS and Android and as a Progressive Web App (PWA) available in a browser. The native mobile app for iOS and Android can be downloaded here. The PWA looks and feels like the native apps but runs from a browser without a downloaded app. The PWA is great to use when you’re on a laptop or desktop running a Chromium-based browser. You can always access the PWA by bookmarking this link or by returning to our website and logging into your account.

This is simple two-step process:

Step #1: When you start the native mobile app or PWA, you will be prompted to Log In or Sign Up. Sign Up creates a free Yesflow account for you to access your digital assistant. You can sign up using your Apple, Facebook or LinkedIn credentials or your email address and your own password. You now have a Yesflow account and you will receive an email to verify your account.

Step #2: You are now in the Yesflow Digital Assistant and you will see a button to “Connect to your CRM.” Select this, enter your Dynamics 365 user id and password, and you will be presented with the CRM environments that you have access to. Select the one that you want and now you’re connected. If you would prefer to simply take a test drive by accessing our demo CRM, just select “Use Demo CRM” and you can drive around in the test system. At any time you can log out and log back in to connect to your own CRM.

No problem. You can test-drive Yesflow with our Demo CRM to get a feel for the experience. If you’d like to see exactly how Yesflow works as a Microsoft Dynamics add on, you can sign up for a free 30-day Microsoft Dynamics 365 trial account. Once you have created a trial account, you can connect Yesflow to it to see how easy it is to access and update information.

Yesflow is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. The Yesflow Digital Assistant can access and update any data that you or your systems integration partner brings into Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS). We’re happy to answer questions about how to integrate data from other enterprise systems.

Fantastic! Yesflow can connect to any PowerApp to give it a conversational experience. Yesflow adaptive cards, dialogues and suggestions chips are configured based on the metadata of your PowerApp. If you have access to a PowerApp, you can point the Yesflow Digital Assistant to the PowerApp and begin interacting right away.

Designed to enhance the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobility experience, Yesflow is a complementary product to the Dynamics 365 Mobile solution. Both allow users to access and update customer data from the same source. Dynamics 365 Mobile provides a module-based experience (open a module, open a form, fill in fields on the form) whereas the Yesflow Digital Assistant provides a messaging-based experience that feels like texting and talking with a helpful agent working on your behalf. Both can provide value and improve CRM mobility, and each can have its place in the portfolio of apps on a user’s device.

Yesflow is available in the app store through these links:

Download Yesflow for iOS

Download Yesflow for Android

The Yesflow Digital Assistant works well in all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Edge and Chrome provide the best voice experience when working from the desktop browser. On mobile browsers it becomes a little more challenging using the PWA for voice commands. Chrome on Android works well for voice commands and note input. Safari and Chrome on iOS do not allow voice commands or note input from the PWA although they work great for text commands and input. (Of course, the native app experience is always going to feel more satisfying for extended usage).

Onboarding is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans. The Basic plan is plug-and-play – simply log in with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 credentials and you’re instantly connected to your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Notes.

Yes. The Yesflow Digital Assistant displays a default set of lists that come from your Dynamics 365 or PowerApps instance. You can add additional list views by pre-pending “YEDA” to the list name.

Yes. You can modify the display fields and input fields on cards for any entity in your system.

Yes. By selecting the ellipse in the upper right corner, you can open a card and edit its content. You can also click through the card to edit it directly in your CRM system.

Your trial experience includes a limited set of entities by default (contacts, accounts, opportunities, notes and activities). Get in touch with us to discuss adding additional entities to your trial experience.

We understand that it’s more important than ever to keep your data safe and secure, and we have taken great lengths to ensure our approach is consistent with your expectations. To learn more about the way we handle connectivity, security and data usage, please see our Security Statement.

Like other Microsoft Dynamics add ons, Yesflow is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, we’re always exploring additional connections. Contact us for more information.

We will be posting helpful articles, videos and other support materials to our website shortly. If you need technical assistance in the meantime, please submit a support request via the Technical Support form on our Contact page.

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